Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

My name is Rachel Koenig and I am the founder of Super Rare Kids.

I have two young, smart, and creative children with whom I decided to start a new company.

Like many of you, I noticed a couple years ago that my children’s interest in technology seemed to be growing rapidly, faster than I could keep up.

My husband and I enrolled our two littles in local coding classes and felt proud of ourselves that we had found what we felt they needed.

Before long we realized we were in this parent-child after-school activity tug of war. Between the kids not wanting to go, cancellations for sick days, credits for missed classes, conflicts with sports – it became another ‘thing’ for us to manage.

At that point I started to look for some solutions that fit our family.

My professional background had always required that I always had my hands in tech projects. I realized first there how much our world depends on computer languages, programming, and coding.

After launching three new businesses, including one online university, I was finally ready to start one of my own, but this time it was to help families and kids.

So, with the support of my husband and two daughters, I’ve designed an exclusive technology-first program for all creative kids out there.

My husband and I also have 15 combined years of teaching elementary aged children, so we are excited to return to that role!

The first program is called Coding@Home and there are many more fun classes and events to come!

The goal of Super Rare Kids is to make quality technology courses available on demand and online so it makes sense for busy parents, teachers and caregivers.

Welcome to our site and I hope you enjoy your time with us!

Rachel Koenig
Founder, Mom, and Teacher

We Are On A Mission To Help Your Kid Win!

The team behind Super Rare Kids all agree on one thing. We recognize the numerous benefits of learning a programming language.

We also believe that through online gaming any child can experience positive benefits which can help them reach new heights: socially, educationally, and emotionally.

Our programs focus on skills Super Rare Kids need to save the world!